Bringing your students to the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary gives them an opportunity to see native wildlife up close, and we can do a lot to make the experience even more memorable.

During the tour we’ll provide age-appropriate messaging to the students about the different animal species and individuals and the importance of both physical and mental health to the animals’ well-being. Your students will learn about the greater Yellowstone ecosystem and how each of our animals fits in.

They’ll meet a wide variety of mammals, including bears, felines, canines, rodents, and the iconic American bison. We also have wading birds, a variety of birds of prey, and corvids.

At the end of the tour, they’ll understand the difference between a rehabilitation center, a wildlife sanctuary, a breeding facility, and a zoo.

If your class is in the middle of a unit, we’ll be happy to tailor the tour to what they’re currently studying.

When the tour is over, you can head right back, or stay for lunch in our wooded picnic area.

Picnic Area 2018 Fall 05.JPG