Bringing your students to the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary gives them an opportunity to see native wildlife up close and instill the lessons that go along with the experience.

Tours are tailored to your grade(s), supporting Montana curriculum and Next Generation Science Standards. When you visit the Sanctuary, we will theme the tour based on the hands-on and interactive activity that follows.

They Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary hosts an incredible diversity of mammals and birds, bringing the complexity of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem right to them. Each of our residents share a story of their role in the wild, as well as the concept of humans living alongside wildlife.

By the end of the tour our goal is that each participant gains an appreciation for each animal, understand why it’s important to keep wild animals wild, and our role as a Sanctuary to each of our residents.

When the tour is over, you can head right back, or stay for lunch in our wooded picnic area.

Picnic Area 2018 Fall 05.JPG