What is a Sanctuary?

A wildlife sanctuary provides a safe, life-long home and the residents are treated with dignity, compassion, and respect from the day the arrive until their end of days. Our sanctuary exists for the welfare of our wildlife. We are committed to the highest level of care for our residents.

What do I do if i find an injured animal?

We are not a wildlife rehabilitation facility, and we can’t accept wild animals directly!

If you've discovered an injured mammal and you live in Montana, please contact Montana Wild at 406-444-9944.

If you live in Montana or Wyoming and you’ve found an injured bird, contact Ironside Bird Rescue via their Facebook page or call them at 307-527-7027.

WHY DIDN’T I see some of the animals?

Animals, like people, sometimes need time alone. Chronic stress can cause serious health issues in animals, so we’ve provided all of them with places to take themselves off of display. We love to show off our residents, and we hope you get a chance to see all of them, but their health and safety is of paramount importance, and that sometimes means we have to give them a chance to hide.

Why do some of the animals look old or INJURED?

Because some of our animals are old or injured. As a sanctuary, we don’t have the option to select young, pretty animals. Many of our animals have lived far beyond their life expectancy in the wild, and many of them came here because of serious injuries.

Safe environments, careful dietary control, regular healthcare, behavioral enrichment, stress management, and many other factors keep our animals healthy and happy for a long time. Old animals will slow down, though. They don’t move like the young, strong ones. Animals with serious injuries need extra care and sometimes don’t look as good as their healthy counterparts.