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Our education building has been a very underutilized part of the Sanctuary. Aside from some non-native turtles (which have now been relocated to a rehabilitation center in Texas), it was primarily storage. This project will turn the building into what it was designed to be: a heated indoor space filled with educational materials and small animals.

We intend to house a variety of local reptiles (bull snake, garter snake, rubber boa, Western painted turtle…), amphibians (tiger salamanders) and small mammals (weasels and possibly a spotted skunk or larger mustelid). See the drawing and video below for more details.


  • Create a heated indoor space for native reptiles and small mammals

  • Provide visitors with great views of the animals while increasing the amount of space available for educational and interpretive signage

  • Refinish the floor

  • Create staff areas with access to the back sides of all of the animal enclosures

  • Produce a plethora of new signage, including electronic interactive signs.

Fundraiser pic 2.png

Project Video

The video below was made for the CrowdRise crowdfunding page for this project. Can you help us reach our fundraising objectives on this project?