YWS Partners with Carbon County Historical Society for Bison Education

2018-04-28 Bison Speedy.jpg

Anyone interested in the history of the American bison will want to take a look at the traveling exhibit from the National Buffalo Foundation that is on display in Red Lodge through June 16.

The majority of the exhibit is at the Carbon County Historical Society and Museum on Broadway. The Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary is hosting a trailer with a supplemental exhibit generously donated by Don and Bobbie Woerner. There is also additional signage from the exhibit in the Sanctuary’s Education Building.

2018-04-28 Bison quote.jpg

“We’re pleased to be a part of this, and to give visitors a chance to see a live bison after looking through the exhibit,” said Gary Robson, the Sanctuary’s Education Director. “Educational nonprofit partnerships like this enhance the experience for our visitors and benefit everyone involved. I’ve made the bison trailer a regular part of each tour I give at the Wildlife Sanctuary.”

The trailer that is currently housed at the Sanctuary contains a variety of displays from the bison exhibit. It is open during the Sanctuary’s regular hours at no extra charge.

Speedy, a 17-year-old female bison, cannot be released into the wild because she was abandoned by her mother and raised as a pet. She came to the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary when she got too big for the family that was raising her, and has been there ever since.

“We’re very excited about the bison exhibit, and we’ve already seen an increase in museum visitors,” said Historical Society Executive Director Sarah Russell. “Even though our organizations have different mission statements, we share a common goal of making Red Lodge a better place to live and visit. Partnerships like this one bring our community together for everyone’s benefit.”

The exhibit houses a wide variety of artifacts ranging from pelts and skulls through maps, articles, signs, and models. It covers the history of the species, the relationship between the bison and the plains tribes, the slaughter of bison in the 1800s, the history of bison ranching, the re-establishment of wild herds in the west, and more.