Changing our Twitter Presence

It's been complicated. A while back, the person responsible for some of the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary's social media accounts moved away. We have multiple administrators on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so that was no problem. We temporarily lost control of our LinkedIn company page, but their tech support group was helpful and we recovered it without much issue.

Twitter was another story entirely.

2018-07-19 Twitter.png

There was only one person responsible for our Twitter account — a mistake we won't make again. For quite a while, the account was just ignored, as it had been linked to our Facebook account and everything we posted on Facebook magically appeared on Twitter. As we got more of a handle on our social media presence, one of our staff spent weeks trying to get control of the Twitter account. She emailed, she called, she offered proof that it was ours, and Twitter was of no help whatsoever. They wouldn't even delete the account for us.

So we are doing this the hard way. Today, the last post went out to the old Twitter account (through Facebook), and a bright shiny new one went online. We've disconnected Facebook from the old one and we're spreading the word that all of our Twitter followers need to follow @YWSanctuary instead.

We'll see you all on Twitter!

TL;DR VERSION: Follow @YWSanctuary on Twitter instead of the old @YellowstoneWS account.