Gary Robson Promoted to Executive Director

Gary Robson, who has been running the education department for the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary since last March, has been promoted to Executive Director of the Sanctuary effective today. Prior to that, he served on the Sanctuary’s Board of Directors.

For about four years, the Sanctuary has operated without an Executive Director, with four department heads reporting to the Board of Directors. With the number of projects and improvements in the works, the Board felt that it was time to put a single person in charge of the Sanctuary.

The Board made several other changes in staffing, including promotions for Nigel Murphy and Koby Kasten, elimination of two positions, and the creation of three new positions. Those new openings will be posted on the Sanctuary’s website and elsewhere.

“We have a strong team at the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary,” Robson said, “and I am looking forward to expanding that team and continuing the great work everyone has been doing.”

Two of the Sanctuary’s big projects, the new gray wolf habitat and the migratory bird building for the sandhill cranes and turkey vultures, are nearing completion. This summer, the Sanctuary added a new raccoon, a ferruginous hawk, and two coyote pups. The front deck was rebuilt, and the Sanctuary is now raising funds for a remodeling project in the education building.