A day of fun supporting the animals at the Wildlife Jamboree

2018-07-02 Jamboree Smokey the Bear.jpg

The Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary hosted its annual Wildlife Jamboree fundraiser on Saturday. It was a day of fun and games, but also an important fundraiser and educational opportunity for the Sanctuary.

“Attendance was up this year, with close to 500 people,” said Sue Glock, the Sanctuary’s Finance Coordinator. “We signed up a bunch of new members and had great response in the silent auction and gift shop.”

Sponsors and donations were a big part of the success of the event, and that’s important to an organization like the Sanctuary which is funded by grants, donations, admissions, and memberships. There were sponsored animal feedings throughout the day, paid for by Bank of Red Lodge and Samantha Thomas. Visitors were able to watch bear, mountain lion, bobcat, lynx, raccoon, and porcupine feedings and learn about the animals, what they eat, and how the Sanctuary cares for them.

The Forest Service participated in the Jamboree with bear spray trainings, a bear education table, and visits from Smokey the Bear. There was also face painting, rock painting, barbecued burgers & hot dogs, and temporary tattoos. All of the food and drinks were donated.