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Providing lifelong sanctuary …

The opening words of our mission statement say it all. When wild animals have nowhere else to go, when finding a permanent home is literally a life-or-death matter, that is where the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary steps up. We provide them a place to live out the rest of their days with comfort and dignity.

Our animals get carefully-balanced diets, regular medical care, mental stimulation through behavioral enrichment, and everything else they need for a long and healthy life.


… to non-releasable …

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There are numerous animal rescue and rehab facilities that work to rehabilitate animals and release them back into the wild. The animals that come here are the ones that the rescue centers have deemed non-releasable. The ones that are too badly injured, too habituated to humans, or too emotionally damaged to live in the wild.

The Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary is not a breeding facility. Although we care very much about endangered species, that is not our mission and we are not set up or licensed to breed captive animals.

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… greater Yellowstone ecosystem wildlife

We live on the edge of one of the largest nearly-intact temperate ecosystems on the planet. All of our animals are native to this amazing place, which means that they don’t have to adapt to a different climate. They are surrounded by the same trees, wild birds, plants, and weather that they would experience in the wild.