Meet Our Wild Residents

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  1. Common Raven
    Bart (Common Raven): Bart came to YWS after a wing injury that resulted in a partial amputation. Bart is one of our newest raven residents and can be seen running around chasing Lisa
  2. Common Raven
    Lisa (Common Raven): Lisa suffered a severe wing injury that lead to her losing one of her wings. Because she can't fly, she was brought to YWS to live with Edgar, Allan, and Bart
  3. Raccoon
    Meeka (Raccoon): This three-legged girl is one cute rascal! Meeka was found by an individual who noticed she was orphaned with a broken leg. Unfortunately her leg couldn't be healed and had to be amputated. She was brought up in the individuals home until they realized she was too wild to be a domestic pet in their house. She was relocated to YWS in January of 2017.
  4. Western Screech Owl
    Gimli (Western Screech Owl): Gimli was relocated to YWS in May 2017 from Ironside Bird Rescue in Cody, Wy. Gimli was hit by a vehicle, damaging his lower beak and left eye. Though he can fly, his missing eye prevents him from being able to successfully hunt.
  5. American Crow
    Scarlett Crowhansson (American Crow): Scarlett was relocated to YWS in May 2017 from Ironside Bird Rescue in Cody, Wy. Scarlett was originally found by the Irma Hotel on the road unable to fly. Because of pervious sustained injuries it was determined she wouldn't be able to survive in the wild despite rehabilitation.
  6. Managing Director
    John was found by a citizen and taken to Ironside Bird Rescue at a young age. It was determined that he could not be released back into the wild so he was brought into our care in 2016

Love our feathered friends?

Many of the non-releasable birds that find sanctuary at YWS have been rescued by Ironside Bird Rescue in Cody, WY. To learn more about Ironside check out the Facebook page here or visit the Ironside Bird Recue blog at ​