As a wildlife sanctuary, our mission is providing lifelong sanctuary to non-releasable native wildlife while sharing a message of conservation and education. All of our animals but the turtles are native to the greater Yellowstone ecosystem. 
There are three canid species in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. We currently have coyote and red fox, and our new wolf habitat is under construction (see our special project page for details or to make a donation). Pictured here is Rex, a 9-year-old red fox.
We have four black bears at the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary, ranging from 11 to 24 years of age. They are visible and active all summer long, and just like their wild counterparts, they hibernate for 4-5 months every winter. That's Winnie in the picture.
Our porcupines are ambassador animals, helping us out with animal encounters. Rocky (in the picture above) is always a crowd pleaser. Meeka the 3-legged raccoon has been with us for a couple of years, and we have a new raccoon arriving soon.
Our turtles are the only wild residents here that aren't native to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. We have five species: red-eared slider, common box turtle, ornate box turtle, false map turtle, and loggerhead musk turtle.
There are three kinds of wild cats in this ecosystem, and we have all of them: mountain lion (also called a cougar or puma), bobcat, and Canada lynx. Pictured here is Thor, a nearly-blind lynx rescued from a fur farm.
We have a wide selection of native birds, including corvids (raven & crow), falcons, hawks, owls, cranes, and vultures. Most of them came to us with injuries caused by being hit by cars, caught in fences, or shot. Rouge, the ferruginous hawk in the photo here, is our newest bird.
One of our most popular residents is Speedy the bison. Due to concerns with diseases, the State of Montana is not allowing zoos and sanctuaries to take in cervids (deer, elk, and moose) at this time. We have one elk named Emily (pictured above) that was grandfathered in.
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