At the sanctuary and in the field, our education programs utilize our wildlife ambassadors to offer engaging lessons on native species from the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, ecology, the environment, and conservation.

Education Program Brochure


Bring your class to the Wildlife Sanctuary...


Meet the animals and learn why they're here, how we care for them, and their place in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. We're also happy to work with teachers to customize tours around specific animal families (felids, canids, raptors, ungulates, or bears). 


Give your class a one-of-a-kind animal encounter led by one of our experienced animal care staff. They'll be able to meet a porcupine and learn about its place in the ecosystem or get up-close and personal with aquatic and terrestrial turtles for a lesson on invasive species.


Join us for a pair of week-long summer art camps with instructor Lindi O'Brien. We'll have one July 16-20 for grades 2-5 and one July 30-August 3 for grades 6 and up. The cost is $140 per student for the week, which includes all materials. Camps are 8:30 am to 12:30 pm each day.


In these summer camps, kids from the Boys & Girls Club in Red Lodge find out what animal keepers do for a living. They'll see animal feedings, enrichment, food prep, and more while learning how to become a professional animal keeper.

... or we'll bring the Sanctuary to you!


Our Education Director will come to your school and talk with your students about the Sanctuary, the animals of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and other related subjects using teaching aids like skulls, furs, feathers, tracks, and scats along with the slide presentation.


If you want your kids to get out in nature, we can take care of that! We work with schools and other organizations to put on events like Wild Bill Days, where we set up lessons outdoors and let the kids get hands-on with nature!

2 Minutes in the Yellowstone Ecosystem is a weekly podcast covering the area's native animals, wildlife tips, and how a wildlife sanctuary works. You can visit our podcast page , or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or PodBean.


Since our Education Director is the author of the popular children's book series, Who Pooped in the Park?, these sessions were hard to resist. We learn about scats & tracks, pick apart owl pellets, examine the diets of wild animals, and learn why scientists would study animal poop.

Exploring local wildlife, wild places, and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem can be engaging and fun for all ages. Please  call Gary at 406-446-1133​ for more information and pricing. To schedule your program in advance, download and fill out the program request form (see link at top of page) and email it to

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