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Each donation helps  our animals  live the most fulfilling lives possible and helps us continue making improvements to our facilities for the betterment of the Sanctuary.

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Without support from caring animal lovers like you, we would not be able to feed and care for our dozens of rescued animals. As you can imagine, caring for wildlife is very expensive, especially when many live at YWS because of irreversible injuries. Your donations ensure that our animals have the best possible care for years to come. All donations are tax-deductible  and every dollar matters. 

Your gift goes to...

  1. Caring for non-releasable wildlife
    There are over 35 wild residents at the sanctuary
    Your contribution helps us provide the highest quality of care for every resident; from food, medicine, vet care, and enrichment programs.
  2. Improving facilities
    We have been operating for 30 straight years
    We are constantly striving to expand and make improvements to existing habitats. Your donations go towards new habitats, better guest facilities, educational signage, and overall improvements to get us closer to our goal of Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accreditation.
  3. Education
    Our goal is to spread a message of education and conservation
    Education is the cornerstone of our mission. We provide educational signage, tours, wildlife encounters, and outreach programs to visitors of all ages. We are especially proud to work with local schools across five surrounding counties. Your support helps us continue these programs.
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